The CRSP/Ziman Real Estate Data Series represents a collaborative effort between the Richard S. Ziman Center for Real Estate at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and The Center for Research in Security Prices.  The REIT data series is a unique research resource whose development merges CRSP’s experience in academic-quality financial database and index creation with the Ziman Center’s expertise in real estate markets and the collection of real estate data.

Combining stock price and returns data with carefully researched information regarding the population, characteristics, and history of REITs, the CRSP/Ziman database provides firm-specific information and indexes essential to analyses involving this important asset class.

Daily and monthly indexes are computed with both equal- and value-weighting for subsets defined by type of REIT and the types of properties predominately held by equity REITs.  This new database includes several qualitative measures detailing market capitalizations, concentrations, and changes in index composition particularly important for evaluating the information in thinly populated index series which were common during the 1980s.

By providing this information on all REITs that have traded on the three primary exchanges since 1980, the CRSP/ Ziman Real Estate Data Series allows for time series and events studies, measurement of performance, accurate benchmarking, and in-depth analysis of the individual securities.