In 1960, Chicago Booth embarked on the development of the world’s first comprehensive database for historical security prices and returns information. The research-quality data created by this transformational project spawned a vast amount of scholarly research from several generations of academics. The initial database required 3 1/2 years of painstaking research and programming. When the initial findings of the study were announced in December 1963, the investment community took notice and results were published in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. See our 50th Anniversary section to read more about our history.

For more than 60 years CRSP has maintained the level of quality and industry standards set in the formation of CRSP. Today, with a staff of nearly 80 professionals, CRSP continues its commitment to providing research data for the most rigorous tests in academic research, and in backtesting applications by practitioners. In October 2012, CRSP extended beyond its core products with the introduction of the CRSP Market Indexes. This series of transparent and investable indexes provide the foundation for new areas of research and to serve as benchmarks for investment vehicles such as ETFs. As a result, that same year Vanguard announced it would adopt 16 of them as benchmarks for certain Vanguard ETFs. The indexes demonstrate not only CRSP's innovative thinking, but also the depth of our commitment to positively influence practices in the financial arena.

Today, nearly 500 leading academic institutions in 35 countries rely on CRSP data for academic research and to support classroom instructions. 

Who Are CRSP Historical Market Data Subscribers?


Our Academic subscribers include the leading institutions around the world. In the US, CRSP data is relied on for research and teaching at the top 280+ schools conferring PhDs, MBAs, and undergraduate degrees in math, statistics, accounting, finance, economics, and other related disciplines. Outside the US, CRSP serves more than 190 leading institutions based in 35 countries.


Our Commercial subscribers include the leading asset management firms, including hedge funds, mutual funds, insurance, pension funds and endowments. Our historical research data is relied on for rigorous backtesting and serve as investment performance benchmarks.


In the government segment, CRSP historical data is relied on by researchers in regulatory agencies, Federal Reserve Banks, and other governmental entities.