Company Data

ADJFACT Defined Structure

The ADJFACT structure contains company adjustment factor history.

Mnemonic Field Name Internal Storage
EFFDATE Effective date- company cumulative factor integer
THRUDATE Thu date – company cumulative factor integer
ADJEX Cumulative adjustment factor by Ex-date floating point double precision
ADJPAY Cumulative adjustment factor by Pay-date floating point double precision

HGIC Defined Structure

The HGIC structure contains company level GICS history.

Mnemonic Field Name Format
INDFROM Effective from (start) date integer
INDTHRU Effective through (last) date integer
GGROUPH Industry group name character
GINDH Group industry character
GSECTORH Group industry sector character
GSUBINDH Group sub-industries character

OFFTITL Defined Structure

The OFFTITL structure contains company officer title data.

Mnemonic Field Name Format
OFID Officer ID integer
OFCD Officer title character
OFNM Officer Name(s) character

CCM_FILEDATE Defined Structure

The CCM_FILEDATE structure contains company filing date data.

Mnemonic Field Name Format
FDATADATE Company filing data date integer
FCONSOL Company consolidation level filedate character
FPOPSRC Population source filedate character
SRCTYPE Document source type filedate character
FILEDATE Company filing date integer

CCM_IPCD Defined Structure

The CCM_IPCD structure contains company industry presentation code data.

Mnemonic Field Name Format
IPDATADATE Industry presentation code data date integer
IPCONSOL Level of consolidation (Industry presentation code) character
IPPOPSRC Population source (Industry presentation code) character
IPCD Industry presentation code character