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CRSP Market Indexes are used by asset owners, fund sponsors and other financial institutions to measure the performance of the overall US equity market and various market segments (market cap, style, sector, ESG). Currently over $2 trillion of fund assets are linked to CRSP Market Indexes.

Our indexes blend advancements in academic research with industry practice under the premise that an index must reflect the way that money managers actually invest.

Market Cap Indexes

CRSP Market Cap indexes are a suite of broad US equity benchmarks that employs CRSP’s proprietary cap-segmentation methodology, which uses a percentage-weight of the total US equity market instead of simple fixed constituent counts to represent each cap-segment. CRSP Market Cap indexes also utilize CRSP-specific index maintenance tools such as migration packeting, banding and transitional reconstitution, to mitigate transaction costs from index changes and better reflect investment practices.

Value Indexes

CRSP classifies value securities using the following factors:

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Growth Indexes

CRSP classifies growth securities using the following factors:

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ESG Indexes

The CRSP ISS ESG Indexes are a unique, proprietary suite of “paired” indexes employing ESG performance ratings from Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) to separate the CRSP Large Cap Index universe into “Qualifying” (ESG) and “non-Qualifying” (Remainder) index pairs. Each index pair provides investors with a transparent, distinct and representative partition of the entire US Large Cap equity market by the ESG rating of each underlying company.

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CRSPMI’s series of transparent and investable indexes serve as benchmarks for investment vehicles such as mutual funds and ETFs.

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