CRSP US Stock Databases

The database that started it all, a unique research source characterized by unmatched breadth and depth

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CRSP is renowned for its expertise in building and maintaining historical, academic, research-quality stock market databases.

Key Features

Documents & Resources

Flat File Format 2.0 User Guide

A table by table listing of data items with short definitions

Data Descriptions Guide

A detailed guide of definitions, calculations, methodologies, coding schemes, and database structures

Flat File Format 2.0 Metadata Guide

Streamlines ingestion into proprietary systems and online tools

Cross Reference Guide

A guide for transitioning from Flat File Format 1.0 (SIZ) to Flat File Format 2.0 (CIZ)

Executive Summary

An overview of known differences between file formats and new features

Flat File Format 1.0 User Guide

Previous version of the user guide

Knowledge Base

Additional notes and FAQ about this product

Data Access Tools

Access information for this product

Release Notes

Monthly/Quarterly/Annual release notes

CRSP databases are characterized by their comprehensive corporate action information and highly accurate total return calculations.

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