CRSP Market Indexes Methodology

Methodology Highlights

New approach to migration called “packeting” • Emphasis on cost efficiency • Quarterly reconstitution
Objective and transparent rule-based methodology • Breakpoints based on cumulative market capitalization
Partial weighting • Investability screens • Float-adjusted market cap

Methodology Guide (PDF)

The CRSP Market Indexes Methodology Guide is reviewed and updated annually to reflect any methodology refinements or changes. Emphasis is placed on minimizing unnecessary index turnover while maintaining “style purity.

April 2023 Updates

  • Added rules for certain Regulatory Actions
  • Clarified rules for Suspended Securities and the behavior of untradeable securities during transition
  • Adjusted the intended audience for Governance Committee communications

Additional Index Materials

Our Key Concepts (PDF)

The foundation for development of our index methodology is based on our Key Concepts. 

Management Statement of Adherence with the IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks (PDF)

CRSP has designed specific activities and implemented controls to comply with the IOSCO Principles. 

Index Governance (PDF)

Describes the governance hierarchy for the CRSP Market Indexes (CRSPMI) produced and maintained by the Center for Research in Security Prices, LLC (CRSP).  

Index Complaint Submission

The Center for Research in Security Prices, LLC (CRSP) makes every effort to provide correct and timely information to our stakeholders/subscribers based upon our stated CRSP Market Indexes (CRSPMI) Methodology.

In spite of these efforts, CRSPMI stakeholders may wish to file a complaint with CRSP for the following:  

  • Whether a specific Benchmark determination is representative of the underlying interest it seeks to measure
  • Applications of the Methodology in relation to a specific Benchmark determination(s)
  • Other Administrator decisions in relation to a Benchmark determination

To submit a complaint to CRSP for the reasons enumerated above, please send an email to with the following information:

Complainant Name, Company, Email, Phone, Address, Interest in Index (product investor, benchmark user, index data user, etc.), and Description of Complaint, including relevant index(es) impacted and security(ies) in question.