Installation Routine - Client

Installation Routine – Client

Before you begin the Install

  • You will need to know the server name of the server that is hosting your Sift Enterprise environment.
  • If the Query Manager Port and/or Streaming Port were changed from the installed defaults on your Sift Enterprise server, you will also have to know these port numbers.

The Enterprise Client should be unzipped to a Client machine. From the unzipped archive, click on setup.exe to install the Client.


A list, with the status of the prerequisites, will be displayed at the beginning of the installation. If any prerequisites are missing, a pop-up screen will appear with the necessary links.

Welcome Screen


License Agreement

User Information

Required information:

  • User Name
  • Organization

Installation Destination Folder


Query Manager Server Information

This screen allows the user to tell the client where the manager service is located. All information is required.

Required information:

  • Server - Name of the server running the Manager Service
  • Query Manager Port - Port used to communicate with Server (default = 9001)
  • Streaming Port - Port used to receive query output files (default = 9003)

Ready to Install Screen


User Account Control


After the Install:

The Sift Enterprise Client should be able to connect the Sift Enterprise Query Manager and process queries.

Steps for starting client

  1. Go to Start Menu > All Programs > CRSP > CRSP Enterprise Client 4.3.21 and clicking Launch CRSPSift. 

    Alternatively: navigate to c:\Program Files (x86)\CRSP\CRSPSift 4.3.21 Enterprise Client\bin\ and click on SIFTWPF.exe.
  2. After opening the Client, available environments will be the same as what was scanned in during the Server installation: