Installation Routine - Server

Installation Routine – Server

Before you begin the Install

  • Install your CRSP Stock Database(s) in the appropriate location you want Sift Enterprise to access. After the install you will use the Sift Admin Tool to point Sift Enterprise to your CRSP Stock Database(s).
  • If you wish to have Sift Enterprise send emails to users when batched queries complete, you will need the name of your email server during the install. 

Install Prerequisites

A list with the status of the prerequisites will be displayed at the beginning of the installation. If any prerequisites are missing, you will need to install them manually.

Note: CRSPSift requires at least .NET Framework, Version 4.8. Windows 10 systems will have this already installed. Check to confirm that it is turned on by checking Windows Features through the Control Panel.

Welcome Screen


License Agreement


User Information

Required information:

  • User Name
  • Organization

Installation Destination Folder


Ready to Install


After the Install:

CRSP database environment(s) must be set up for Sift Enterprise before clients can access CRSP data. See section titled “How to Scan for, Create, and Edit Environments under the Admin Tool section of this document.