Master, Header, and Header History

Descriptive structures include the Master, Company and Security Header, and Header History.

Master Defined Structure

The master structure contains CCM Company identification and range data.

Mnemonic Field Name Format
BEGQTR Quarterly date of earliest data (yyyy.q) integer
BEGYR Annual date of earlist data (yyyymmdd) integer
CBEGDT First date of Compustat data integer
CCMID Permanent record identifier for Compustat company or index data, represents GVKEY for company, GVKEYX for index integer
CCMIDTYPE Type of key for Compustat data. 1 = company data, 2 = index data integer
CENDT Last date of Compustat data integer
ENDQTR Quarterly date of last data (yyyy.q) integer
ENDYR Annual date of last data (yyyymmdd) integer

Company Defined Structure

The company structure contains CCM Company Header information.

Mnemonic Field Name Format
ADD1-4 Address lines 1-4 character
ADDZIP Postal code character
BUSDESC Business description character
CIK CIK number character
CITY City character
CONM Company name character
CONML Company legal name character
COSTAT Postal code character
COUNTY County code character
DLDTE Research company deletion date integer
DLRSN Research company reason for deletion character
EIN Employer identification number character
FAX Fax number character
FIC ISO Country code of incorporation character
FYRC Fiscal year end (current) integer
GGROUP GICS groups character
GIND GICS industries character
GSECTOR GICS sectors character
GSUBIND GICS sub-industries character
IDBFLAG International/Domestic/ Both indicator character
INCORP State/Province of incorporation code character
IPODATE Company initial public offering date integer
LOC ISOCountry code/ headquarters character
NAICS North American Industry Classification Code character
PHONE Phone number character
PRICAN Primary Issue Tag - Canada character
PRIROW Primary Issue Tag – rest of world character
PRIUSA Primary Issue Tag - USA character
SIC SIC code integer
SPCINDCD S&P industry sector code - reference integer
SPCSECCD S&P economic sector code - reference integer
STATE State/Province character
STKO Stock ownership code integer
WEBURL Website address character

IDX_Index Defined Structure

IDX_Index structure contains index header information.

Mnemonic Field Name Format
IDX13KEY 13 character key character
IDXCSTFLG Index constituent flag character
INDEXCAT Index category code character
INDEXGEO Index geographical area character
INDEXTYPE Index type character
INDEXVAL Index value character
SPII S&P industry index code integer
SPMI S&P major index code integer
TICI Issue trading ticker character
XCONM Company Name (Index) character
XINDEXID Index ID character
XTIC Ticker/trading symbol (index) character

SPIND Defined Structure

The SPIND structure contains pre-GICS S&P Index header information.

Mnemonic Field Name Format
SPIID S&P Industry ID integer
SPIMID S&P Major Index ID integer
SPITIC S&P Index ticker character
SPIDESC S&P Index industry description/reference character

COMPHIST Defined Structure

The COMPHIST structure contains Compustat Company Header history.

Mnemonic Field Name Format
HCHGDT Comphist description effective date integer
HCHGENDDT Comphist description last effective date integer
HDLDTE Historical research company – deletion date integer
HFYRC Historical fiscal year end month / current integer
HIPODATE Historical company official public offering date integer
HSIC Historical SIC Code integer
HSPCINDCD Historical S&P Industry code integer
HSPCSECCD Historical S&P Economic sector code integer
HSTKO Historical stock ownership code integer
HADD1…4 Historical address lines 1-4 character
HADDZIP Historical postal code character
HBUSDESC Historical business description character
HCIK Historical CIK number character
HCITY Historical city character
HCONM Historical company name character
HCONML Historical legal company name character
HCOSTAT Historical active/inactive status marker character
HCOUNTY Historical county code character
HDLRSN Historical research company reason for deletion character
HEIN Historical employer identification number character
HFAX Historical fax number character
HFIC Historical ISO country code / incorporation character
HGGROUP Historical GICS group character
HGIND Historical GICS industries character
HGSECTOR Historical GICS sector character
HGSUBIND Historical GICS sub-industries character
HIDBFLAG Historical international, domestic, both indicator character
HINCORP Historical state/province of incorporation code character
HLOC Historic ISO country code/ headquarters character
HNAICS Historical NAICS codes character
HPHONE Historical phone number character
HPRICAN Historical primary issue tag - Cananda character
HPRIROW Historical primary issue tag – rest of world character
HPRIUSA Historical primary issue tag - US character
HSTATE Historical state/province character
HWEBURL Historical website url character

CSTHIST Defined Structure

The CSTHIST structure contains the header history from the legacy CRSP/Compustat Merged database that was created from Compustat FTP files.

Mnemonic Field Name Format
CST_CHGDT CST History effective date integer
CST_CHGENDDT CST History last effective date integer
CST_DNUM CST History industry code integer
CST_FILE CST History file identification code integer
CST_ZLIST CST History exchange listing and S&P Index code integer
CST_STATE CST History state identification code integer
CST_COUNTY CST History county identification code integer
CST_STINC CST History state incorporation code integer
CST_FINC CST History foreign incorporation code integer
CST_XREL CST History industry index relative code integer
CST_STK CST History stock ownership code integer
CST_DUP CST History duplicate file code integer
CST_CCNDX CST History current Canadian index code integer
CST_GICS CST History Global Industry Classification Standard Code integer
CST_IPODT CST History IPO date integer
CST_FUNDF1 CST History fundamental file identification code 1 integer
CST_FUNDF2 CST History fundamental file identification code 2 integer
CST_FUNDF3 CST History fundamental file identification code 3 integer
CST_NAICS CST History North American Industry Classification character
CST_CPSPIN CST History primary S&P Index marker character
CST_CSSPIN CST History subset S&P Index marker character
CST_CSSPII CST History secondary S&P Index marker character
CST_SUBDBT CST History current S&P subordinated debt rating character
CST_CPAPER CST History current S&P commercial paper rating character
CST_SDBT CST History current S&P senior debt rating character
CST_SDBTIM CST History current S&P senior debt rating - footnote character
CST_CNUM CST History CUSIP issuer code character
CST_CIC CST History issuer number character
CST_CONAME CST History company name character
CST_INAME CST History industry name character
CST_SMBL CST History stock ticker symbol character
CST_EIN CST History employer identification number character
CST_INCORP CST History incorporation ISO country code character