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Includes data definitions, calculations, methodologies, and more.

Includes data definitions, link information, access functions, and cross reference information.

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CRSP/Compustat Merged Database Guide

CRSP/Compustat Merged Database for SAS, ASCII & R 

Includes installation, data access, and tool usage

Includes file formats, data definitions and calculations. 

CRSP Indexes US Market Update - June 2021

CRSP continues with its new monthly series for June 2021. To view the full report, click here.

CRSP Research Data in Action - July 2021

In a paper “Do Stocks Outperform Treasury Bills?” Professor Hendrik Bessembinder shows, using CRSP historical data, that most of the wealth created by the stock market since 1926 can be accounted by just a few stocks throughout the history. In fact, as of December 2019 data, the top 50 companies have created over 40% of total wealth.