In these tables variables are listed in the order they appear in datasets.

* Variable Description Map
  • Column 1 – As defined by CRSP and available in CRSP stock databases
  • Column 2 – Available in both CRSP and CRSP/Ziman databases with differences in definition
  • Column 3 – Unique to CRSP/Ziman

CRSP Header Table


Variable Code Variable Name Other Table Locations Variable Type 1* 2* 3*
permno PERMNO CRSP Monthly/Daily Data,CRSP Names, Ziman REIT Info Integer x    
permco PERMCO   Integer x    
begdt Beginning Date (Header)   Integer x    
enddt End Date (Header)   Integer x    
comnam Company Name CRSP Names Text x    
hdlstcd Header Delisting Code   Integer x