Data Definitions

This section describes the data tables and fields available, and installation and technical file specifications.

Alphabetic Listing of Variables

The following tables contain all variables in the database, sorted by the variable code. See the Table Definitions for variables organized by the data set.

* Variable Description Map:

  • Column 1 – As defined by CRSP and available in CRSP stock databases
  • Column 2 – Available in both CRSP and CRSP/Ziman databases with differences in definition
  • Column 3 – Unique to CRSP/Ziman

Data Category

Each data item in each table is associated with a Data Category. The Data Category identifies the type of item and the associated formats for use with SAS, ASCII, R, and SQL. 

Missing values are displayed as follows:

  • ASCII and Excel missing values, regardless of type, are an empty string
  • SAS missing values are an empty string for character fields and SAS missing (displayed as a.) for numeric fields
  • R missing values are an empty string for character fields, and 'R' missing (displayed as N/A) for float, int, date and datatime