Reporting Tools: ccm_ref_print

In CRSPAccess version 3.12 we introduce a new reference data utility specifically for use with the CRSP|Compustat Merged Database. ccm_ref_print is an application for accessing non-security or company specific Compustat data. Data items include references to codes and numbers for footnotes, auditors, industry classifications, to name only a few, as well as economic indicator, currency, and exchange rate data. It functions in much the same way as CCM_Print and other CRSP command-line utilities and has a very similar interface.

The first data cut for which ccm_ref_print can be utilized is the CMZ200902 (February) cut. Prior cuts do not contain the data. CRSPAccess versions prior to 3.12 do not include the executable.

Access from the command line using:



>ccm_ref_print /d1 <dbpath>CMZ200903