Data Delivery / Platforms / Installs

How are CRSP data products delivered?

CRSP data delivery for all products is available through the “Cloud.” By utilizing IPSwitch’s MOVEit Cloud product (, you can download data products either on demand, or with scheduled processes.

CRSP uses a zip process for data installation. ZIP utilities that are standard on all platforms should work to unzip the databases. On Windows computers, CRSP recommends using 7-ZIP, which can be downloaded from this site:

Options for frequency of delivery are monthly and annually for commercial subscribers, or quarterly and annually for academic subscribers.

On what platform(s) do you offer CRSP data products?

CRSP presently provides data and software on these platforms: Windows 8 32- and 64-bit, Servers 2008 R2 and 2012 R2, and Redhat Linux 5.0.

Can I install CRSP data on a network?

CRSP data and software are best installed on stand-alone systems or on a file server network installation. For a network installation, each workstation must point to a writeable work folder for the user’s files and be mapped to the data and software.

CRSP currently is unable to support a client-server installation. That said, it may be able to be successfully done, but the vast number of possible configurations make it unrealistic to provide support.