Investments Illustrated Charts

CRSP partners with Investments Illustrated, the leading financial illustration firm, to present a series of charts on long-run risk and return performance. 

The 1926 starting point for historical data is a result of the initial study by Chicago Booth Professors Jim Lorie and Larry Fisher  found in their seminal research paper Rates of Return on Investments in Common Stock. More information about the development of CRSP can found here.

To learn more about their digital and print-based financial illustration services, please contact Investments Illustrated.  

The Big Picture 2023

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CRSP Asset Allocation

CRSP Asset-Class Winners and Losers

CRSP Downturns and Recoveries

CRSP Importance of Diversification

CRSP Investing for the Long Term

CRSP Long-Term Asset-Class Performance

CRSP Power of Compounding

CRSP Recovery after Downturns